Where is Our Rights?

Last month the government demolished all the settlements built on land that belonged to Kenya airports authority but they never resettled the victims leaving them with no place to call their home.

Yes they demolished the settlements but why not have that human heart and feel that the victims (of which I am one) were Kenyans and show them somewhere else to settle in this big land of Kenya?

The most annoying thing is that many victims were children and youths like me who were born, raised, married while still there and they never knew any other home except there so where did they expect us to go?

But the big question still remains there to be asked again and again;”where was the government or the Kenya airports authority people for all those years since the settlements began?”Like our slum (mitumba) which was near Wilson airport in Nairobi had been there since the Moi era and that was way back to 1990.

The government should consider coming up with another way of vacating people who have settled in these lands i.e. show them an alternative place to settle since they settled without knowing and it was that very long time ago, like in our slum’s case

The lesson learnt by many victims is that “never settle on land that does not belong to you” and that if you are living poorly in Kenya you have no right.

 Pole Kwa wenye wote waliobomolewa tujikaze twendelee Na maisha because we still have hands given by the almighty one. GOD BLESS YOU PEOPLE.

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Hard Work Pays

In this life that we live nowadays, one has to work as hard as he/she can so as to earn a living for himself and his/her family but if living poorly you will have to work even harder to you and your family out of poverty.


There are people who are so lazy to work and live among other people as hypocrites and parasites begging here and there. Idling is their perfect way of spending the day and its like they live with tsetse flies because they like sleeping a lot.


But there are those who are hard workers who even extend and work overtime up to even late at night. They always ensure that no time is wasted because they know that it cannot be recovered.


It is said that whoever depends on his/her brother will finally die poor and that an idle mind is a devils workshop. Each and every youth highly advised to look for some thing to keep him/her busy so that not to welcome the evil one in his mind.


Some youths claim that there are no jobs but it is them who are lazy to look for job opportunities and utilize them while others put the burden the government claiming that it is not creating/offering enough chances for job opportunities.


It is not a must you be employed in a certain organization or firm so that to claim that you have a job. What am trying to say is that you can also be an entrepreneur of your own business and have it as your  job.


I have a best friend of mine who in January this year started a business of selling sukuma wiki at our slum. He had started the business with only a few bunches which would cost him around a hundred shillings to buy but right now he owns a whole kibanda with every type and kind of vegetables.


Before his business took off to better grades people used to mock him that he does what women do but he had that spirit to continue by ignoring them. What if he listened to their mocks, what would have happened? Obvious the business would have collapsed.


So we can conclude and say that there are many business ideas around us of which we the youths can realize them and work on them in the way possible and not wait for the government because they always keep us waiting for too long.


Finally I would like to encourage each and every youth who is over the age of eighteen to think business so that bring forth busyness and kill laziness.

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When I was born, way back on 11 of June 1987 in Gatundu north constituency, my parents Mr. and Mrs. MWANGI named me PETER KAMAU but when I grew up my friends gave me a nickname PINCHEZ because when I was in high school I used to write PINCH ME on a piece of paper then stick it to someone’s back.


I am short and brown boy with black hair who looks exactly like his father. Am also very hard working, understanding, patient, social and someone who is trustworthy.

.Right now am 24 years old and in a family of five children.(3 boys and 2 girls)am the 3rd born, of  which we were all brought up by our beloved mum single handedly because our dad passed on in 1994 when I was only 6years old.


After my dad’s death, we moved to Nairobi, south c where we have resided since then. I went to St. Catherine primary school opposite mater hospital in Nairobi South b and then on to Muguga High School in Limuru. After High School I studied Arts and drawing for one and half years at Mukuru Youths Arts Center (M.Y.A.C) and also am a well equipped trainer of trainees (T.O.T) with Undugu Society of Kenya.


My hobbies since I was a small boy have always been, playing football, drawing and swimming but off late I have realized 2 others which are socializing and listening to music. I have never had a role model in my entire life because I believe I was not born to be a copy cat.


When I was young I always wanted to be a doctor so as to help my community and those of others, get access to better health facilities but since I didn’t proceed with my studies due to lack of funds, that dream came to stop and now am looking forward to becoming a qualified peer educator or even a social worker because I want to help people with different problems.


My dreams are to see that people with different problems in life are able to get solutions to those problems. My hope is that through ADVOCACY, I can be able to express our communities’ problems so that people from different parts of the world can read them and try to come up with their solutions or even offer some help where they can.

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